Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy Kids

I know this is not cake related, but I can't help myself! I have to explain for everyone to fully understand what makes this so funny.

We were at the beach celebrating Clay's birthday, and mine too. Jackson started doing this "trick" of falling backwards on the bed. I'm sure this isn't funny to anyone outside of our family, but we are the typical adults who think everything he does is hilarious. I got my camera to document this moment in his life when Olivia wanted in on the spotlight. She thinks I'm filming her, which I am, but mostly Jackson. I think this video is the best reflection of a typical minute with Olivia and Jackson.

P.S. The blog music needs to be paused before you watch the video. Sorry!


Clay and Michelle McArdle said...

Yes,they belong to me and yes, I could eat them to pieces! Rachel is so right about this being typical. Olivia thinks its all about her and Jackson is being wild and crazy and they complete ignore each other in the process...I love it.

dynamix said...

ummm this is even better than the 1st time I saw this