Monday, March 9, 2009

Olivia's 4th birthday cake....a challenge to say the least, but in the least expected way. For the first time since I've ventured into this cake world, I had a cake fall apart, a cake that sunk in the center while cooling, a "valley" cut out of a cake while leveling, three cakes bubble over the pan while cooking, and on and on it went. I was so prepared for this cake, but it turned on me every step of the way! Although tears came twice, I did get in the groove of things just in time to have fun decorating and making it a success. As usual, my dad came to my rescue and helped out a lot with the construction of the castle and keeping me calm. He also was my voice of reason when my obsessiveness kicked in and there was no time for it! Olivia loved it and everyone seemed to enjoy eating it (which is truly my ultimate goal with every cake). So, here are a few pics from the party:

All the girls kept asking if they could eat the princesses or have a "green" piece...God love them! Moment of honesty...I had a tear come to my eye when I started to take apart the cake and cut it. All that hard work about to be devoured!

A few of the princesses. Haley Grace as Christmas Belle, Sara as Sleeping Beauty, Helen as Belle (original), and Olivia as the Little Mermaid.

Yes, all the girls wore their dress ups in the jumping castle. As you can tell, Olivia loved it!

Ever so the princess, Olivia opening her presents. A huge THANK YOU to my wonderful, wise sister who let Olivia sit on her "throne" to open her presents. I don't think I could have handled another repeat from last year with all the kids "helping" open the presents!

Awe, Olivia is just like her Aunt Rae Rae...eating only the icing! After most of the kids left and we were cleaning up, Olivia said she needed more I gave her the top of the castle. I think Michelle really didn't approve, but she's the birthday girl and this was her cake (and icing)!

All that was left :)