Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Shower

Emma's Birthday

Happy Birthday Andrea and Ross

Another 80's Cake

Disco Skating Party

One of my friends at Integrity, Damon, asked me to make a cake for his birthday party at the skating rink. We went with a disco skating theme and I think it turned out fun! Another great part was it was a marble first attempt! I used a recipe for chocolate buttercream from another cake friend, Beth Quave, and I was shocked at how delicious it was. I will never shy away from chocolate requests now :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

So, I love my new job and the exciting world of music that I was completely clueless about until 6 months ago. One of our new artist, Kari Jobe, had her first album sell over 100k units in less than a year! I know that doesn't seem impressive in comparison to mainstream girls like Taylor Swift, but it is great in the Christian world.

We had a little celebration of the album's success and to show appreciation to all of our hard working employees (this is not bragging because this was before my time...not that finance really contributes to album greatness anyway). I was asked to make a cake to feed the label group and look like the album. Since this is my favorite album, I was very excited....until I remembered the artwork! Thankfully, our wonderful art/photographer/creative guy, Sam, came to my rescue with design ideas and enlarged copies of specific images in the cd booklet. Also, another coworker saved the cake by making a copy of the cd cover and putting it on top about 10 min before the party....I was super nervous but so thankful! (I'm glad that as I get older I'm able to "let go" and not be so works way better :)

My former running partner and good friend Annie asked me to make cupcakes for her daughter's princess birthday party. Thanks to Olivia, I am in the know on the obsession of princesses...and I'm super girly and love it myself :)

Okay, so I will brag and say that I LOVED the cupcakes and the little cake! But, my favorite thing was seeing Annalee's eyes full of excitement when she realized the small cake was just for her. It was priceless watching her carefully put her fork to the cake and continually glancing up at her parents to be sure it was ok...kind of like she was getting away with stealing candy or something! It was so cute to say the least.