Sunday, May 31, 2009

Part of your world

I LOVE The Little Mermaid and was so excited when I got this order. I wish I could have added more details for under the sea, but I'm sure everyone was thankful I didn't...I know I'm MS gaudy sometimes! This was my first time to make 3-D characters and a person. I definitely struggled, but love how it turned out. Thanks to Shane for making Ariel's head!

I love how her tail turned out! And, I like how the "wind blown" hair worked. Of course I wanted lots of big hair, but it started to tear from the weight!

A few dancing fish from "Under the Sea".

And the tuba fish...another favorite from "Under the Sea". Please note the pink flower on the corner with petals floating...recognize it? Yes, that is the flower Sebastian gave Ariel during the "Under the Sea" song and at the end she pulled the petals and did the he loves me/he loves me not!

Can you find the dinglehopper? "Humans use this baby to straighten their hair out"...if only it were that easy! I really loved how the water turned much fun being messy!

Don't forget the Snarfblat that "plays wonderful music in pre-historic times when people used to sit around and stare at each other...very boring." All these Scuttle quotes makes me wonder why I didn't think to put him on the rock too?! Maybe next time :)

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