Friday, February 6, 2009

More cakes...

This was for my boss' son who wanted his fourth birthday party theme to be his daddy's new boat...I found out about the cake on Friday for a Saturday party that started at 11:00! No time to plan or make a mistake, so I played it safe and kept it simple.

Our family tradition is to go to my grandparent's house (on my dad's side) for Christmas Eve. My grandmother sings Happy Birthday to Jesus every year, so I decided to make a cake for her/Jesus. As usual, my writing is off-centered!

This cake was for one of my co-worker's son who plays city league football and is on the Redskins team. I was asked to make a birthday cake with the football theme for a 13-year-old boy and not make it look too birthday know he has to be cool in front of his friends! He really liked it!!!! Please note that although my writing is not perfectly centered, the font is very boy-friendly and almost the same size!

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